What is Learning Solutions?

Learning Solutions is an influential industry publication that offers an independent industry insider’s perspective on supporting elearning professionals around the globe. The key topics in this book are: What is Learning? How Does it Change Education? And Why Educators Embrace is elearning for their classrooms.

What is Learning? In essence, Learning is comprised of all the knowledge and skills associated with learning in education settings. We know that each of these skills has distinct stages of development. With the introduction of elearning, the entire process of acquiring those skills and knowledge is made easier by the implementation process of blended learning solutions.
When elearning is properly implemented, the learners can access, assimilate, and use the knowledge and skills needed for their learning activities. It is then the responsibility of an instructor or training specialist to guide them through the various stages of learning as needed. That is why elearning solutions require an integrated approach. The book describes the need for the evaluation of a student’s acquisition of knowledge and skills, as well as the need for the evaluation of an instructor’s implementation project.
Why is Learning Solutions so important? Learning is becoming an integrated whole-of-education activity. It can be accomplished in the classroom, in the home, at work, or on the Internet. But in order for learning to be truly comprehensive, it needs to be supported by a comprehensive assessment process that identifies each learner’s unique learning style and strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses can best be identified by the blended learning team through a customized development plan for each individual student.
Why Should I implement Learning Solutions? Learning Solutions is a powerful tool to support the classroom, home, and online, blended learning solution. The text covers the key areas of e-learning design, assessment, instructional design, assessment tools, and communication strategies. All the material is grounded in the principles of successful instructional design and development.
Who should use Learning Solutions? Learning Solutions is the ideal choice for people involved in various aspects of e-learning. Anyone who wants to learn more about developing a curriculum, implementing training, improving classroom management, or providing student support services will benefit from Learning Solutions. In addition, Learning Solutions can be used by teachers, instructional developers, instructional designers, and classroom managers. Students can benefit from Learning Solutions as well, especially if they are part of a blended learning solution team. In a nutshell, Learning Solutions provides an excellent framework for all learners.