What Are Some of the Best Mini Projector Features?

With the way movies are getting expensive these days, it is only smart to know how to cut your movie spending in half with one of these mini portable projection screen systems. These mini portable projector screens are so popular right now that they are popping up at party stores all over town as well as online sites. There is something for everyone and every budget when it comes to these mini portable projector.

If you want high quality pictures at an affordable price, you should really consider a few of these mini projectors. The projector is simply the heart of any viewing experience because it is responsible for projects the size of books being shown on the large screen in your room. You have a lot of options from a wide range of different manufacturers like Samsung, Canon, and Panasonic. Here is a round up of nine mini projectors that will round up your Netflix-watching fun regardless of your budget.
If you want to be able to watch Netflix movies on the big screen without having to worry about the picture quality or the sound, the Sony Android mini projector is a great choice. It offers standard definition viewing in true definition format, has a built in low contrast ratio, and comes with the latest android operating system. The built in Netflix application automatically shows the movies to you, and you can even download them straight to your device. The only drawback is the small size and the fact that there is no touch screen.
If you want to get up close and personal with your favorite streaming media like movies and television shows, the HP Stream Mini Portable Projector will do the trick. This is one of the best looking and most affordable portable projectors on the market today. It features a full QWERTY keyboard and is powered by the same six hundred mA that the Sony android mini projector uses. In other words, it’s perfect for streaming TV on the go. The built in HD camera makes it easier for you to take videos and use it as a small television. For those who like outdoor activities, the HP Stream Mini is extremely sturdy and durable, while still being very small.
Brightness is extremely important when watching streaming media, especially when you are doing so on your lap. That’s why the HP Stream Mini Portable projector reviews advise that it is best if you purchase it from a company that offers an after-market warranty. As long as the projector works, there’s really nothing to worry about. Some people, however, prefer their purchased products to be fully covered in the event that there are any defects.
Other key features include image stabilization, high quality audio output, and a low battery indicator. These three features together are what make the HP Stream Portable projector such a solid purchase. It comes with some of the best entertainment value in the portable market today, and it is a good idea to invest in a quality product that will last you a long time. All of these things combine to make the HP Stream Portable projector one of the best mini LED-based projectors for sale today.